Appell an die Geberländer der EU - Appeal To The European Donor Countries


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Unequivocal appeal to the European donor countries and legally binding injunction against Romania to comply with the universal human rights regarding restitution

Koenigsbrunn, 15.03.2013

The Victor Ponta Government terrorizes the fundamental right of property
Stop the billions worth sponsorship of Romania’s kleptocrats!

In view of the fact that in Romania after World War II a felonious system took possession of most of the real estate properties; of which only a few have been restituted after the revolution in 1989; the financial support Romania is granted presents an imposition for the tax payers of the major donor countries of the European Union; the payments ought to be stopped unless Romania provably abides by the fundamental human right of property and restitutes all unlawfully seized private property/real estate.

23 years of concessions with the post communist government to accomplish the restitution of seized real estate are more than enough! An extension for more years or even decades is neither from a historical nor political or economic point of view justifiable.

According to an official estimate of the US State Department, in Romania the damage caused by fiscal evasion amounts to 100 billion Euros.

The government of Romania should rather stop the criminal trade with seized properties and care for an ample restitution of the houses and lands to the victims of misappropriation and their descendants than continue to commit theft on our properties.

The way of dealing with the restitution issue by every single Romanian government for the last 23 years, since the collapse of the communist regime, reveal the stand of the political decision makers and their determination to maintain injustice and to secure for themselves shares of the stolen goods. Their refusal to restitute confiscated property is supported by Romanian authorities by all imaginable means; false pretenses, document destruction, bureaucratic obstacles, discrimination of emigrants – citizens of other countries –, fraud, land register forgeries, illegal sales, blackmailing waivers, etc..

As a result of such destructive and disrespectful way of dealing with real estate no company, no investor nor individual can be safe with regard to the danger of misappropriation because in Romania the right of property is being systematically undermined and is protected only if acquired by unjust means.

How much longer will we stand back and protect the criminals? How much longer should our tax money be transferred to Romania without a fair quid pro quo?

Among the European donor countries, alone the German taxpayer is going to pay between 2014 and 2020 into the EU budget 197565 million Euros (197,56 billion Euros) Romania is going to receive from this tax money subsidies worth of 43 billion Euros. If Romania is not willing to raise 8 billion Euros for the restitution of stolen properties, we, the European tax payers - Germans in the majority - are not willing to raise 43 billion Euros for Romania. Otherwise, the values of the European Union, namely the human right of protection of property, will be betrayed if we continue supporting the corruption in Romania.

We, the taxpayers of the major European donor countries – Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Finland, Luxembourg – (members of ResRo live in all these countries) are reluctant to support with our tax contributions our own expropriation via the European Union for structural assistance in the amount of 43 billions Euros to Romania, who as a quid pro quo does not want to further neither the restitution of the seized properties, nor the payment of compensations of 8 billion Euros, on the contrary it has stalled the reparations for the committed nationwide delicts against private property for an indefinite period of time. A simple calculus, all politicians ought to be aware of in the election year of 2013!

As for the credibility of Romania the examples below may serve as proofs:

• Romania did not respect the 1947 peace treaty with the Allies. According to this treaty, Romania committed itself to abide by the universal human rights and establish a constitutional democracy.

• Since its affiliation to the UN (1955) Romania has defaulted its commitment to respect the universal human rights. The respect of private property is statutory in the UN declaration of human rights under Art. 17.

• Neither does Romania abide by the statutory provisions of the European Convention on Human Rights, signed in 1994, which has been sabotaged as early as 1995, when the government started the sale of seized properties.

• The European Constitution (the Treaty of Lisbon) stipulates the adherence to the democratic principle and the fundamental human rights of all its member states. With regard to restitution Romania is far from fulfilling this stipulation.

• The Romanian Government ignores even the Romanian constitution when it comes to dealing with the restitution of seized property.

For all these reasons, Romania cannot be considered a constitutional democracy nor a trustworthy partner as long as our seized properties remain expropriated without being entirely compensated.

We demand justice and full reparations for a historical crime committed by the Romanian government and carried on by the policy of the communities both before and after the 1989 revolution. Otherwise, We are forced to demand that Romania be considered a Failed State in Eastern Europe and should be excluded from the EU, the Council of Europe and the UN, on grounds that it did not comply with its commitments with regard to the restitution of seized properties.

Under these circumstances it is unthoughtful that Romania should enter the Schengen Convention. The EU does not need among its members thieves, corrupt governments and states which disregard the rules of the game, misappropriate funds, violate the values of democracy and last but not least appropriate the seized properties to themselves.

The Romanian government of Victor Ponta terrorizes law and justice by trampling on the fundamental human right of property. The draft law which was presented in March 2013 and was drafted upon the request of the European Court of Human Rights and the Council of Europe, is more outrageous than any of the former resolutions and it disqualifies Romania as a member of the international community of states.

By our poignant experience, we demand that Europe ceases supporting Romanian Governments which since 1945 continuously have promoted corruption, encouraged theft and forced millions of citizens into emigration, in consequence of discrimination, expelling them from their homes and country. Subsidizing the Romanian policy with tax money of the EU, the donor countries become complicit in destroying a cultural landscape whose tradition included the peaceful coexistence of several ethnicities without limitations whose continuity is jeopardized by the terrible framework conditions of the national population of Romania.

Accordingly, please put as much pressure as you can on the Romanian government! Save Europe and help Romania to liberate itself from corruption and the dictate of injustice!

With best regards,

ResRo – Interessenvertretung Restitution in Rumänien e.V.
Karin Decker-That, president


The memorandum at hand was sent per email to the attention of:

1. The following institutions of the European Union: The European Parliament, the Council of the European Union, the European Commission

2. The governments and the parliaments of Great Britain, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Swiss, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway and last but not least Romania

3. The embassies of: the U.S.A. in Bucharest, Germany in Bucharest, the Vatican in Berlin and the Sovereign Military Order of Malta in Vienna

4. The President of The United States of America, Mr Barack Obama

5. The Senators of the 113th United States Congress, the Members of United States House of Representatives

6 The Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe

7. The European Court of Human Rights

8. The Members of the Council of Europe

9. THE UNITED NATIONS, Secretary General Ban Ki-moon

10. O.S.C.E., Secretary General, Mr. Lamberto Zannier

11. Newspaper editors (international press), broadcast media, social media, etc.